Buffer is a web and mobile application that enables users to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

I’ve been using Buffer for years after people told me I was sharing some good stuff (other people’s posts and articles) on Twitter, but that a lot of it was coming out about midnight Pacific Time. Buffer enabled me to share posts as I was reading them, but to have them post to Twitter throughout the business day and early evening in ten minute increments.

Buffer has also been a good startup for me, as an entrepreneur, to follow. Co-founders Joel and Leo (left earlier this year) always looked for feedback, always listened to customers and always responded to support questions 24/7 – even before I moved up to the paid level. They’ve also been terribly innovative in new features and user communications.

Today, I got my “Social Media Report Card” from Buffer by email. Here’s the top portion.

Buffer social media report card

And the bottom portion. You can see I don’t use for Buffer for my LinkedIn and Facebook posts.

Buffer social media report card

I haven’t in the past paid much attention to Buffer report cards, and probably won’t now.

But I am intrigued by the simplicity of the information that’s easy to browse and compare week to week numbers. It’s this type of info that draws in the competitive types – like lawyers.

Could LexBlog have a user report card?

  • By firm, by blog or by author?
  • What would it include?
    • Number of posts?
    • Number of readers on he web?
    • Number of readers by email?
    • Number of readers by RSS?
    • Number of readers by social media?
    • Where have posts been shared?
  • What platform features have been used and not used?
  • How often would the report card come out? Weekly, monthly or weekly?

I am not sure what it would measure. Could be any number of things so long as the number is not too large.

One fear I have is that it may that could incentivize things that are not as important in blogging – numbers over quality through listening, engagement and a conversational tone.