If you have requested a ticket, called our support line, or started a chat, chances are you’ve communicated with me or another member of our LexBlog Success team. We’re the front line of all support requests and questions from our blogging community: a network of innovative folks looking to change and influence the law – and its growing bigger every day!

Working in customer support has its positives and its struggles, here’s what I wish our clients knew about LexBlog:

LexBlog changed from an Agency to a Software as a Service (SAS) Company

Robert Ambrogi spilled the beans earlier this year in his post, How LexBlog Quietly Reinvented Itself This Year.

If you are a long-time member of our community you may remember a time when LexBlog created you a website from scratch with a Photoshop PSD file as a mockup, then through 500+ rounds of tweaking a PSD image we finally had a approved design which our developers would then build into a website.

Each website was custom, and because of this customization it could take months of development and edits to create a blog. The end result was a custom site, that also may have included custom features or functionality that aren’t scalable if you have five practice groups eagerly waiting to start blogging on their new blog. That’s why we created our blogging Software, Apple Fritter. With Apple Fritter we can create a new website and design in less than a week.

We’ve built Apple Fritter on the industry standards and best practices for Mobile responsive design including: custom font kits chosen for readability on the web, spacing of elements optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, and SEO optimization by design (and function). The best part? If you have an Apple Fritter blog, your blog is receiving new features and updates as our software continues to improve – something we cannot do on a single custom site.