A post on Bob Ambrogi’s LawSites blog has propelled many a legal startup to success.

People have approached me at conferences asking if I know Bob Ambrogi — as if he were some sort of rockstar. I have seen other folks approaching Bob at legal conference receptions wanting to introduce themselves and a co-founder.

They’re all hoping to get Bob to cover them and their company at LawSites.

In addition to tech driven aggregation and curation of blog posts by niches, there may be some low tech ways of shining a light on law blogs and law bloggers.

Maybe it’s individual pieces on blogs and bloggers. Years ago, LexBlog ran a Talk of the LexBlogosphere. Rob La Gatta interviewed bloggers on and off the network. Some of the bloggers weren’t even lawyers. The goal was to inspire people to blog by highlighting great bloggers.

We ran top 10 blogs of the day. This was started by Rob La Gatta after we discussed how the website, Fark, highlighted a 100 or so news stories a day for community comment. That’s been pared to once a week, but is still much appreciated by network members — especially so by those included.

With Ambrogi on board and moving to a publisher status, there may be some “easy” ways to shine a light on bloggers and blogs which we may be missing.

Looking in to stories, interviews, lists of posts, list of blogs with descriptions, niche publications and the creative use of social media we may find some low hanging fruit.