Donuts are such a big deal at LexBlog that we name our products after them. Apple Fritter is not just a sweet sticky treat to us. Heck this post is on donuts.lexblog

An interesting article regarding remote workers found its way into my Facebook feed yesterday about how remote workers outperform office workers.

The argument was made that remote workers were more productive than office workers. Remote workers also make better teammates and have fewer absences.
The article does makes a great case for working remotely and even makes the point that companies may be wasting resources on in-office perks. There is some truth in that but what about the donuts!!!!

When Josh sends out an email announcing the arrival of a sweet dozen from Top Pot everyone takes note and makes a mad dash for his office. Unproductive time or a fun break to get your daily sugar fix and have a brief chat with your fellow coworkers/donut junkies?

I think the jury will be out on working remotely for some time to come. It works well for some individuals and perhaps not so well for others. Some organizations will be able to accommodate employees who wish to work remotely while others may not.

At Lexblog some of our team live out of state, while others work remotely periodically throughout the work week. This kind of flexibility is just one of the things that makes LexBlog a great place to work. Flexibility, great coworkers, great customers and DONUTS!