Some years ago when I first interviewed with LexBlog, the CTO reiterated several times that he really wanted me to be fluent in plugins, in addition to themes. I knew my way around plugins generally, but I liked the vibe I got from the interview and I wanted the job to work out well, so I stopped at Barnes and Noble on the way home:

A career.

This book changed my working life profoundly. It’s no exaggeration to say that the reason I have a career, a home, a family, is this book. What’s funny too, is that it still holds up incredibly well. Very few concepts in these pages have fallen by the wayside or require significant updating in order to use today. I don’t think you can say that about many technology books.

I’ve probably recommended this book to dozens of people. My own copy is dog-eared and duct-taped. Recently when I moved my family from Alaska to Maine and was cutting down on my material possessions, this book made the cut. It traversed the western hemisphere!