I have 2 jobs that are vastly different, but quickly becoming quite similar. My main job, as many of you may guess, is at LexBlog as a Publishing Team Member. My other job is a Lead Outreach Specialist for an after-school program (aka the “Academy”)  that tailors to “enhancement”, not tutoring. I took both so I could explore what I want out of a career even though I could have a full-time job somewhere else. I really love working at LexBlog and enjoy the Academy as well. I have begun to see real changes in both. While they are vastly different jobs, they are becoming very similar as time goes on.

At LexBlog, my job started off pretty straightforward where I would try to find all the law blogs and make a sizable contact list. At my outreach position my job started by talking to potential students and their parents. Both in my mind were vastly different and required a different set of skills to perform each. After a few months at both, they are becoming the same job, but with different clients and different targets.

I want to clarify a point. I believe heavily in transparency and discuss openly my jobs to both of my employers. I find that we all have more to learn with an open dialogue; especially considering that both companies are experimenting.

So, the changes this last month is what is making these positions interesting. In December, LexBlog altered my position a bit and, instead of compiling a comprehensive list, I would reach out to quality blogs personally. I told my other job about the fun I’m having and some of the interesting topics covered. In response, my secondary job gave me a small promotion. Instead of reaching out constantly, the afterschool program wants me to compile a list of potential events the could set-up a booth. However, this is position created just for me. None of the other regions in the country are attempting this change.

This is oddly creating a scenario where what is good for one company is becoming good for the other with me at the center of both. I have taken my varied background and have applied it to both jobs. I’m good at finding things and can be very good at communication. However, I’ve never had a job that required me to do both. The data design and use from LexBlog is coming in handy for the Academy. I also see similarities in the questions being asked by lawyers and parents. Lawyers want to protect/grow their firms like parents want to protect/grow their kids. I’m learning to respond to attorneys with the experience I’m getting from the Academy. They are not the same company, but learning is learning.

I’m not sure what to call this interstitial space between data compiling and outreach. However, I get the same feeling, this same striving for something different, from both. While companies are pushing to take humans out of the equation, like self checkout lines or drone delivery, the general populace has become wise to robot sales. I don’t mean the buying and selling of robots, but the automation of one-size-fits-all marketing approaches. I’ve written about this before on this blog. The position reflects a non-pressure sales approach that reflects the current climate.

Statements from both companies that make me believe there is something going on in our world:

“This is not for everyone. We are not making an email blast or writing a script”

“Give a more personal approach”

“Focus on one thing at a time”

“Tell us if there are any issues or improvements” (This one is huge)

“What do you think?”

“We look good when you look good”

Really, as I think more about it, I’ve never been treated like a human this much at a job, let alone two jobs. It is a bit jarring. However, I’m going to continue to try my best at both and learn to appreciate this type of treatment. Both companies, I want to see flourish. So, I will continue to keep an open dialogue. Maybe we will all benefit from this unique exchange.