The platitude is gratitude is all about attitude

I’m a big fan of reflection. It’s a way for me to either understand new situations or to feel gratitude. Let’s admit the platitude, gratitude is a good feeling to have. So, as I  come up on my 6 months with LexBlog, I thought it would be beneficial to reflect back on my time. Here are some quick facts:

  • Designed a membership tracking sheet
  • Emailed nearly 300 law bloggers, most of which are lawyers
  • Helped update our CRM
  • Helped transcribe a webcast
  • Help migrate blogs from one platform to another
  • Added, removed, and edited RSS feeds
  • Started a comprehensive search strategy for finding law blogs
  • Researched the qualities of good blogging and applied results to a white paper
  • Written 10 donuts posts, this one is #11
  • Hundreds of more smaller detailed tasks

When I started, there was a small dance in understanding between my supervisors here and myself. Most places do not hire someone with graduate education into an internship level position. On the flip side, we don’t usually go after low-level positions. There was an expectation of 3-6 months and I have been counting down the days. Now they have come-and-gone. Back then, I wasn’t looking for LexBlog for a paycheck or security, though both are nice. No, I wanted, and continue to want, to explore my skill-set.

It is nice to work at a company that firmly states, “I don’t care what you do. Whatever you do, do it well”. While I don’t commit myself to any project without checking up the ladder first, it is nice to be able to jump into tasks I enjoy without feeling over managed or set unreasonable expectations. I can continue to explore without fear. On the flip side, I make myself available. If someone expresses a need for help, I listen and brainstorm ways to help. Paying attention and active listening strategies make it easier to find projects to test my skills. I like the challenge and they like the help.

In my time at LexBlog, I have met exceedingly interesting persons. I think of the retired professor from Florida that has taught law for 30 years or the man from Belgium that has been blogging law for nearly 20. I have been introduced into a community of law news. I have also been shown how to find community and, more importantly, how to make one. I have joined social media and have begun blogging into my main interest base: Rhetoric and Tech Comm. While that community is primarily academics, I believe that practicing rhetors have a place in the world. We are definitely jack-of-all-trades types of people contributing almost anywhere. Walking into the room of the world has been scary, but I have assistance from my colleagues and supervisors.

So, if I have not done so, let me do so now. Thank you to all my co-workers that take time out of their day to show me something neat or to teach me something new. I hope that I have been able to do the same for all of you. If we don’t work directly with each other, know I see your work and think it’s great. Each person at LexBlog is someone special. Any company should be overjoyed to have any of you. Lucky enough for LexBlog, they have all of you.