It has been six months now that our customer success and design teams at LexBlog have been upgrading and redesigning our legacy blogs to our latest software. Each member of our team will take responsibility for assigned legacy blogs each week to reach out to bloggers and editors and introduce our project and the benefits of upgrading. These benefits can range from the visual appeal of having a modern design and a blog responsive to different desktop and mobile devices to the search engine optimization positives and ongoing software updates for security and new features. 

While this has been a large project, especially for our design team, I can imagine it is also unexpected to all the bloggers we have reached out to as sometimes change is not always expected. Personally, I have found this project fun and interesting as it has given me the chance to see some of our first designed and active blogs on the LexBlog Network dating back ten years. Reviewing these blogs there were some that were much more active in publishing than others but it gave me the chance to communicate with many of our publishers that I have yet had a chance to meet over my two-plus years working with the company. 

Coming towards the end of our project and seeing the feedback that has since been provided, I am happy to say that most all have been positive. More importantly, though it has reopened communication with bloggers who I was not familiar with and creating that relationship is important as we want to make sure that it is known that we are here to help and that we care. We are now beginning the discussion of what we can do more to make sure that communication remains ongoing. Just because someone doesn’t reach out to our support team, doesn’t mean we can’t reach out to them. I’m excited to see what ideas we have between all teams within the LexBlog organization towards continuing to build lasting relationships with bloggers on our network.

Photo of Russell Kott Russell Kott

Russell provides years of experience to the Technical Support Success Team to assure quality and efficient customer service. While growing within his role as a technical support specialist, he utilizes his time to focus energy in improving skills towards development and design to improve his role within the company and his future career.