Donuts represents the thoughts, ideas and discussion of the folks on the LexBlog team.

Real, open and authentic engagement with customers is all the buzz today. But what does that really mean?

At LexBlog we believe that open and authentic engagement means allowing you to listen in to what we’re learning, working on and talking about. Rather than announce what we’ve done, we’ll try to share what’s going on as we move the ball down the field.

Customer, potential customer, LexBlog news network member, competitor, blogger, reporter, partner, supplier, prospective team member, what have you, listen in and let us know what you think. Subscribe or pick us up on social media.

Know that all of us at LexBlog are growing to get comfortable on Donuts. Sharing what you’re working on and learning, let alone blogging, is not something that comes natural to any of us.

We expect though by opening up, we’ll learn from you, we’’ll learn more from ourselves (you don’t know what you know until you blog it) and through this engagement we’ll establish a little more trust.

Donuts is not unique. United Airlines offered what they called ‘Channel 9’ decades ago so that passaengers could listen into the cockpit via channel 9 on their armrest.

Microsoft followed around 2000 when it was being labeled the evil empire with what it labled Channel 9, after United, to enable the public to listen in to the thinking of the Microsoft developers via blogs and video.

Why donuts? We love donuts so much, that we name all of our products after our favorites from Seattle’s Top Pot Donuts.