Photo of Wendy Nickolay

Wendy has been with the great team at LexBlog since 2011 as an accounting manager.

Donuts are such a big deal at LexBlog that we name our products after them. Apple Fritter is not just a sweet sticky treat to us. Heck this post is on donuts.lexblog

An interesting article regarding remote workers found its way into my Facebook feed yesterday about how remote workers outperform office workers.

The argument was made that remote workers were more productive than office workers. Remote workers also make better teammates and have fewer absences.
The article does makes a great case for working remotely and even makes the point that companies may be wasting resources on in-office perks. There is some truth in that but what about the donuts!!!!

When Josh sends out an email announcing the arrival of a sweet dozen from Top Pot everyone takes note and makes a mad dash for his office. Unproductive time or a fun break to get your daily sugar fix and have a brief chat with your fellow coworkers/donut junkies?

I think the jury will be out on working remotely for some time to come. It works well for some individuals and perhaps not so well for others. Some organizations will be able to accommodate employees who wish to work remotely while others may not.

At Lexblog some of our team live out of state, while others work remotely periodically throughout the work week. This kind of flexibility is just one of the things that makes LexBlog a great place to work. Flexibility, great coworkers, great customers and DONUTS!

Kevin O’Keefe’s schedule over the past year has been filled with travel to such interesting locations. Speaking engagements, meetings, and conferences in London, Amsterdam and New Orleans etc.

As a lover of travel I must say I was a little jealous when an instant message from Kevin popped up telling me he was enjoying the pub culture in London and in particular the beer.

Kevin’s visit to Amsterdam was of particular interest to me as it is absolutely one of my favorite places in the world.

Upon his return from far flung locales Kevin will often stop by my office to chat about his latest trip. I’m always curious to know if he had a chance to go to this or that museum etc.

What he invariably talks about is the people he has met and how they inspire him.

This week through a FaceBook live interview that Bob Ambrogi and Kevin did with Kate Fazio, I too was inspired. She is a woman who has transitioned from the corporate world to further the mission of Justice Connect, an NGO that provides legal assistance to people and other NGO’s. She was inspired by how the use of technology could efficiently provide help to more people and also help people to help themselves.

I was inspired by how Ms. Fazio was using technology but more than that, I was inspired by the mission of Justice Connect. As someone who spent many years working for what was predominantly a criminal defense law firm I know that there is a justice gap.

Take the case of David Milgaard who spent 23 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. I was so proud of the lawyers I worked with who spent untold hours/years to get justice for David. I still remember the happy day it was announced that he would be released.

Sadly the case of David Milgaard is not an isolated one. Organizations throughout the world are working to close the justice gap and young women like Kate Fazio are out there making a difference.

Thanks to Bob and Kevin for interviewing Kate Fazio. She inspires me. Her enthusiasm is infectious.

Apparently, it was 50 years ago that the term “paperless office” was first used. While I haven’t been working quite that long, I do remember the days when everyone was espousing the benefits of the paperless office and how awesome that would be.

Wow we won’t need all those filing cabinets! We’ll save loads of money on paper – save a tree! Hell, we may not even need a printer. We’re going to save the planet!

I confess that I love paper. Nothing makes me happier than to wander around a stationery or office supply shop picking up various forms, file folders and notebooks.

I attend meetings with my trusted notepad and pen in hand. Alas I am the only one.

When I see the note at the bottom of an email asking me to consider the environment before printing I consider the environment before printing.

My office in the Dexter Horton Building was a shrine to my beloved paper. One four-drawer lateral filing cabinet, one two-drawer lateral filing cabinet, and one two-drawer filing cabinet. Each of them full of reports, spreadsheets, folders and invoices. Life was good.
Then the announcement came. Lexblog would be moving to WeWork. It’s an innovative new approach to the traditional office that would offer flexibility, a wonderful work environment with loads of great opportunity to network. It’s the future. Wow, there’s even free beer!!

What could be the downside?

WHAT!!!! I will need to scan 7 years of paperwork! There’s no room for all those file cabinets! The paperless office has to become a reality! I’m breaking out in a cold sweat! I don’t even drink beer!

Most of my coworkers picked up their computers and backpacks and happily moved to our new digs. I do often wonder what they carry in those overstuffed bags.

More and more furniture, fixtures and equipment is removed daily. My desk needs to go too. I remain as a lone figure with a scanner sitting at the only desk left in a vast open office space that was LexBlog.

It took a while but today I am very happy to be reunited with the other great members of the LexBlog team. WeWork is everything that it was promised to be and I am getting settled into my lovely new office with a window.

The paperless office has become more of a reality for me than it has ever been. My paper withdrawal symptoms are waning but it’s a process. What if the cloud bursts? There is still one smaller filing cabinet in my new office. It gives me comfort.