Today is National Donut Day, and its been a quiet support day for the Success team, probably because everyone is looking for free donuts. In all honesty, I’m happy for the less chaotic days of summer so I can focus on longer term goals I have at LexBlog as well as reflect on the past and focus on the path forward.

Today is a life changing day for my family and I because we are moving into our first home as homeowners today. I know what you’re thinking, you bought a house in Seattle?? Isn’t the market there crazy??

Yes. It is.

Our journey began in December of 2017 when we met our agent wandering an Amazon campus looking for clients. Little did we know that our meeting would turn into 4 months of non-stop house visits, hours of daily research, hours driving neighborhoods, and hundreds of open house visits. Luckily, with our hometown advantage and a very early start in studying the Seattle market (we started seriously researching in November 2017) we only had to spend every weekend (all weekend) searching until our offer was accepted on April 1st 2017. With our rent-back period now over per our agreement with the old owners, we are finally moving into our home ending our 6ish month journey.

Getting your foot into the door in a real estate market like Seattle is definitely a battle, but looking back on the journey I’m happy we went to bat.

A huge thanks goes to our wonderful agent Marissa Natkin of Keller & Williams whose expertise, patience, and advice helped us find our dream home in a crazy, competitive, market. Also to my partner for keeping me going when I wasn’t sure if I could take anymore, and to my colleagues at LexBlog for cheering me on and listening to me talk about the housing market for the past 6 months.


Growing up I have always wanted to go to Europe and visit some of their amazing attractions. Luckily for me LexBlog has an open PTO policy and my dreams are finally coming true!

This fall my girlfriend Molly and I will embark on our Euro trip.

Our plan is to fly into London since we found a non stop one way flight from Seattle for less than $400 which seemed like a very reasonable price to pay.  We will spend a few days in London checking out the must sees from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace and maybe even a wax museum.

From London we will fly to Athens then take a ferry to some of the Greek Islands like Mykonos and Santorini.

From Santorini our plan is to head to Italy to drink some fine wine and eat a ton of pasta. Some of the cities we plan to visit are Venice, Florence and Rome.

I am looking forward to seeing the sites such as the Vatican, the Colosseum and the Pantheon.

If you have any suggestions on must sees feel free to shoot me a note at


I have been a Google Fi customer for a few years now and I appreciate the flexibility on the pricing of the service and love the phones. Recently my phone has started dying, but good news, Google has the new Pixel 2 coming out. On the announce day I ordered one.

A few days later, our CTO Josh also ordered a phone as well, the same exact phone.

Yesterday Josh mentioned that his phone had shipped, while mine is still in some warehouse limbo. I thought, “Well that is odd, I ordered mine before Josh. Shouldn’t I get my phone first? ”

I emailed support at Google and after a few back and fourths I got a response from Google about their ordering process.

My response from Google

I took some additional time and reached out to a specialist here within Project Fi Support. This specialist works within our higher level of support, and truly the best place to take this question. After further review, I’ve been informed that orders are processed on a first come first serve bases based upon when the order was placed. Please know that we here at Project Fi are only privy to this information in regards to this specific inquiry.

So it is done on a first come, first served basis! That is great. So where is my phone? Something is going on at Google. Is it because Josh was a trading in an old Pixel and I was trading in a Nexus 6P? Is it because I complain too much? I just don’t know. The customer service dance continues with me seeking answers right up until I get my phone. Then I will be so excited that I will forget to keep complaining.

Customer expectations are hard to manage. I get that. It is a daily challenge for anyone in any business. But time and again, when I order products from Google, they under-deliver. I want to believe it is just a coincidence, that I am not on some Google list of annoying customers, but I don’t know. Josh got his phone a day early, exceeding his expectations.

At last check-in Josh has not even opened his phone, but he would like me to know that it is already probably the best phone he has ever owned.